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Turnstile Systems

Turnstile Systems, turnstile access systems are used in plaza and shopping center entrances where decoration and aesthetics are at the forefront, in the entrances of factories and workplaces where the number of employees is high, in dining halls, in places where there are intense entrance and exits such as metro, train station and ferry ports. Appropriate tourniquet should be preferred according to the desired security level. Three-arm turnstiles are generally used in personnel crossings, metro and pier crossing points. Disabled turnstiles are used for VIP entrance and handicapped entrance in places where arm turnstiles are used. Only one-way turnstiles are preferred at market and toilet entrances. Length type turnstiles are designed for prisons requiring high security, stadiums and factories with heavy passes. As in other turnstiles, it is ideal for places where illegal passage is not desired, as it cannot be crossed over and under. Turnstiles are produced to work indoors and outdoors. One-way or two-way passage can be made from turnstiles. According to the system logic to be applied, the arm can be released at the entrance or exit in both directions. Turnstiles allow free passage in case of power cuts. At points that will work without interruption, it can be integrated with the central control system for panic situations and free running can be provided. The direction of rotation (entrance and exit) of the turnstiles is determined by internal sensors. Centering of the turnstiles after passage takes place mechanically and softly by means of spring and hydraulic shock absorber.

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