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Zip Curtain Systems

Zip curtain system, also known as zipper curtain motor curtain system. It is equipped with special fabrics such as roller blinds. The aim is to see resistance and durability in harsh environmental conditions such as wind and precipitation. Zip curtain is used in homes, workplaces and venues. These curtains are produced from quality fabrics, operated with a controlled and automatic system. It adds a quality look to the spaces. Ferrari fabric technology provides extraordinary size possibilities in both weft and warp level polo zipper curtain products. In cases where classical curtains do not meet the needs, much more stylish spaces can be created with zip curtains. It appeals to every cut with its heat saving quality fabric, color and texture. It is suitable for all seasons. It has shading feature against sun rays. It is ideal with its rainproof feature and durability. It provides the pleasure of rainy weather thanks to its rainproof feature. Thanks to its perforated structure, it is extremely effective against the wind. Situations that can be monitored from the inside and outside can be easily followed. It provides savings by keeping the heat inside. It offers effective solutions as a fly swatter against flies and insects. Although the main purpose of the curtain is the shading function, the zip curtain generally does not limit the functionality. It adds a magnificent and successive image to the space, maximizing the value of the environment. Curtains with control and automatic system are preferred more than classical curtains.

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